Helen Twomey Violinist

Suzuki Violin Teaching
Covid-19 return to live teaching.

Under the current Covid-19 governmental guidelines, there is no room in my studio for incoming students, outgoing students and myself. New guidelines have been drawn up with the help of the British Government website and the Musicians' Union.

1. If you feel unwell or display any Covid-19 symptom over the course of the week,
please let me know as soon as possible. Please do not come to your lesson but request a lesson online from home. If you are in doubt of what to do, please contact me before the lesson.

2. The 24-hour policy of missing or changing a lesson will remain. Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to change a lesson. The usual contractual obligations will still be enforced.

3. There will now have to be a 5-minute interchange between lessons. Please arrive at the beginning of your interchange time and wait for the previous students to vacate the room, for me to wipe down surfaces and for the new lesson to begin.

4. Please hand-sanitise before coming into the room, there will be a bottle outside.

5. The side gate will be open and I will open the door to the music room for you.

6. All students will now learn to tune their instrument. Once parent and child know how to tune their instrument, this can be done at home and during the 5-minute interchange between lessons. I will have a final listen to the tuning before starting lessons.

7. Students must now bring their own rosin to the lesson.

8. I will not be wearing a mask during lessons. If you prefer that I should, please speak to me in confidence and I'm happy to oblige. Dealing with children, I think they need to see my facial reactions and it makes it easier for me to communicate. It's also less intimidating for younger students.

9. Please do not touch the music stand, I will adjust this for you.

10. Please do not touch anything that may belong to my family that may be left around. :-)